OnlineLoan [ Fast money to your credit card ]

Credit payment period
Interest rate

Documents required [ all the documents required ]

  • Passport
  • Tax ID
  • Bank card
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
All operations are available FROM 18+ years

How to apply? [ take a few steps to get the money ]

Choose the amount and credit duration
Fill in a form
Ourmanager will contact you
The money will be at your credit card in several minutes without any fees

Loyalty program [ bonus system ]

For any action in the system you get bonus points..

For these bonus points you can upgrade your profile.

There 5 levels of the profile and it can go into 2 different directions.

Increasing amount of a loan
Reducing interest of a loan

Our advantages


To get a loan, you only need internet connection and a bank card


To get a loan, you only need internet connection, telephone and a bank card


All financial transactions and client data are securely protected

How to pay off the loan? [ Several ways to repay the loan]

  • Bank card
  • Payment terminal
  • Wire transfer
  • Personal account
You also can pay the principal of credit and interest with the bonus points!

About us

CashYou is a modern service that gives an opportunity to receive a loan right to your bank card anytime and anywhere. Our service is fully automated and the process of obtaining a loan does not take more than 5 minutes. The process of verification is simple and very efficient. Our main task is to provide financial convenience to any of our customers in daily live!

Where it is possible to take out a loan?


With the help of the World Wide Web, the society can do many things. It transformed into a place to purchasing and selling of household items and clothing through the Internet. Credit online is a relatively new form of service through the World Wide Web, it has become increasingly popular only recently.

Positive factors:

speed and reliability
we do not need a lot of paperwork, and you don't have to collect a long list of documents
no need to make an income statement
In case of a positive response from the bank, the registration takes a few minutes

The bank issues a credit card and the money from the credit organization will be sent to the credit card, it is also possible to take the cash at the nearest banking facility.

Money on the card is no worse than cash money. It is possible to send them to any person or company, or you can use them to pay for services and purchases in stores.

An advantage of online lending in a wide range of services and their flexibility: different duration of a loan, amount, interest and payment procedure.


In the field of online credit, there is also a growing popularity of such thing as web banking. In this case, the customer receives an electronic wallet of the bank, where all operations of the card are performed. At any time you can go to your account and see the transactions or the rest of the money. This tool significantly allows you to activate the turnover.


Online lending makes it possible to borrow a small amount for a short period of time. Such loans are appropriate when making a purchase through the World Wide Web. We don't require documents as well as the income certificate to confirm a loan, but you will have to disclose information about the purpose of spending the money, in other words, we need to know what you need the money for.

It is also required to fill out the form provided by the system, add personal details to the document.

The disadvantage of this form of service is a high commission, it is not recommended to overdue payment.

Standard list of online loans

Microcredit up to 2000 UAH. Our company imposes the highest percentage for such amount of money;
Express loan up to 20,000 UAH. It is greatly popular among beginning businessmen who make first steps in internet trading.
It is provided via middleman structures with a signature of all necessary documents. Please, don't forget that the borrower has to pay not only interest for borrowed money, but also a commission for transfer through the electronic system. It is very important in our case.

When making a loan to your credit card, you may be sometimes asked for documents that prove your identity. In this case, the documents are being scanned, and after that they are sent by e-mail.


You need urgent money, but the salary is coming not yet soon? An excellent way to get out of this situation is to receive a loan to a credit card of any bank. A few years ago, the credit was alarming venture for many people, besides that, money could only be obtained at the office of the bank concerned. Today, there is a huge number of private lending companies that issue money without any credit history, certificates of income and a backer, and you do not need to leave home at all.

What do you need to apply for?

To apply and get money quickly, you need to provide the following information:

passport and Tax ID;
bank card details;
telephone number;
The application is carried out online, and processing of the application takes up to 15 minutes.


Nowadays, it is easy to lend money online, but as anything else in life there are some disadvantages of this operation. First off, the amount will not be as large as in the bank, the maximum amount of money that you can lend is up to UAH 15,000. Another disadvantage of such venture is too high interest - as a rule, it is 2 - 2.5% per day. But despite these shortcomings, most people prefer this kind of lending.


It takes a week, or even 10 days, to consider an application in the bank, online companies are doing this work in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can get money even on weekends or holidays.

You can submit an online application to several companies at once, but you should choose the one that offers the most favorable conditions of repayment. You can return a debt by a wire transfer, or by contacting the office of the creditor company.


If you require some money before salary and no one of your friends or relatives gives you a hand, you may ask some private company that will be glad to help you to solve any financial difficulties that appeared in your life. They are not interested in your credit history, they do not require a huge bunch of documents. But, please, note that if you do not return the amount on time, you will have to pay a fair amount of fine. But at the same time, the borrower can extend the loan term by paying a commission.


MFO will also help you to improve your credit history, which will allow you to get more money in any bank. To do it, you need to take at least a few small loans and pay them in advance. Of course, negative reviews from previous lenders will not disappear, but there will be several positive entries in the record. As a result, the risk that you will be denied a large amount in a bank is greatly reduced.