What is Сashyou?

CASHYOU is a service based on the latest technology, which allows you to get a fast loan to your personal credit card at the time that is convenient for you. You can easily have a loan anyday - at weekends and holidays. The service works round the clock, 24/7. It gives you an opportunity to ask for help in any situation and rely on us. Our task is to facilitate your life and make it easier. We strive to reduce the time to receive money when it is so necessary. You can rely at any time.

Necessary legal information

Credits are granted by the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "Casyou". Code under the USREOU 40885016. Certificate of entering a financial institution in the State Register of Financial Institutions: FC No. 916 from "06" July 2017. Payer of income tax on a general basis. Information about the founder (information about the owners of substantial participation) LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "YUSTAS INVEST", identification code of legal entity 40833654, location: 61058, Kharkiv, Danilevsky street, 16. The share in the authorized capital is 100%. Legal address of the LLC "Cashyou". 61058, city Kharkiv, Chychybabina street 7-A, office 42 Information about the executive body Director - Tkachenko Andrii Viktorovych (operates on the basis of Statute, has no share in the LLC "Cashyou") Bank details of the company p / p 26506052200111 in PJSC CB "PRYVATBANK", MFO 351533 The cost of the loan and terms of obtainment An example of calculating the annual interest rate: With a loan amount of 1000 UAH fee for using the funds will be 18 UAH per day, which corresponds to an interest rate equal to 1.8% per day. APR - 657%. The company issues loans to customers based on an agreement that is valid until the parties fulfill all obligations under the contract. Credits are granted to adult, capable citizens of Ukraine on their card account in the Ukrainian bank.