Whatis required to receive a loan?

  • Passport
  • Tax ID


Ukrainian citizen is obliged to provide a passport to confirm maturity. If you are not able to provide a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, then you either have not reached the age of 16, or you are being a foreign citizen or lost the passport. To register at our website a person requires a passport. Taxpayer Identification Number (TAX ID) is the next important document for obtaining a loan from our company. Besides that, it is also a document which confirms your age.
  • Telephone
  • E-mail

Telephone and email

Our company requires your personal phone number, as well as an email for registration in our system. Due to confirmation of this data, you will be receiving notifications about the expiration of the loan term for its timely repayment. In the case of loss of a password or access to your personal account, you will need this information to obtain the access to your personal account back or if you would like to change the password.
  • Bank card

Bank card

In order to make sure that you are the owner of the registered bank card, we execute its verification. We can verify whether it is your credit card due to the blocking of a random amount up to 5 UAH. You can receive information about the blocked funds in your personal account on the bank's website, using SMS alert, or by calling the hotline number of the bank where the card was issued. The blocked money is not withdrawn and is not transferred from the account. In the future, the blocked amount will be unlocked automatically.
All operations are available only from 18 years!

How to get a loan ?

Choose amount and period of the loan

When you receive your first loan, you need to select the term and the amount of credit on the main page in the section "Credit Calculator". Then you need to click the "Get Credit" button. When revisiting our service, you have an opportunity to apply for credit in the "Credit Calculator" and in the Personal account. Each subsequent loan has a higher limit of available cash. The loan period is from 2 to 30 days. The maximum loan amount is 15,000 UAH.

Fill in a form

To receive a loan, you need to complete a questionnaire with your personal data. You need to provide social information, passport details (choose old or new pattern), a bank card, and also the tax ID (Taxpayer Identification Number). The decision regarding the application for a loan is taken within a few minutes.

Our manager will contact you

In order to ensure the full security of your financial operations, our client manager will contact you.The manager will ask you some clarifying questions about personal data to confirm your identity.

The money will be at your credit card in several minutes without any fees

After bank card verification and processing of the application for a loan, you will receive a message about the decision on the loan by phone and by email. Once the application has been approved, you need to carefully examine the loan agreement which you can find at the Personal Account. The transfer of money to the card will be made only if you agree to the terms of the contract. Money appears at your account in a matter of minutes. In some cases, funds can be transferred later (the bank's operating regulations, in which the card was issued, may affect the speed of the money transfer).