How to pay off the loan?

Picture Bank card
Bank card

Users of our service have an opportunity to pay a loan from their bank card in their personal account on our website. To do this, you need to enter your personal account, specify the amount for payment and click on the "Pay" button. The credit will be automatically redeemed from the card that was attached to your profile if it has the necessary funds. In addition, you have the opportunity to pay a loan with any other bank card. To do this, you need to select the "Another Bank Card" section, enter the requested data and confirm the payment.

Terminal payment

One of the most convenient modern payment methods is the payment terminal. It works around the clock, which gives you an opportunity to take advantage of it at any time convenient for you. Payment is made by cash. An easy-to-understand practical interface allows anyone to make a payment. To perform a payment transaction you need to enter the details and enter a precise amount of money.

Picture Payment terminal
Picture Wire transfer
Wire transfer

The client has the opportunity to pay a loan at any bank of Ukraine. PrivatBank offices have the most convenient and fast way of payment. Money goes to Cashyou account within 10-15 minutes. You need to provide the cashier our enterprise code 40885016 and the phone number, which you indicated on our website when filling out an application. If you want to pay a loan at any other bank branch, you must provide the cashier with your full name and personal identification number, otherwise the identification may not be correct. You can receive payment details in your personal account and download them in PDF.
C/a : 26506052200111 in PJSC CB "PRYVATBANK"
MFO: 351533

Pay from the personal account

Every customer has the ability to pay off with any of the provided methods. There are three options of payment. It includes:
1) Payment in the payment terminal (for this type of payment the client must enter the necessary details and amount, then enter the required amount in cash);
2) Wire transfer (to execute the wire transfer, the client must give the bank employee all the necessary details and money, which in the future will be credited to the account as repayment of the loan);
3) Payment with bonuses (this kind of payment allows each customer to pay off the debt or a part using bonuses earned on the company's website);

Picture Personal account

Bonus payment

Picture Picture Picture
You can earn in our system. Bonuses are given to you for mostly any action in the system. Also, if you wish, you have an opportunity to repay the loan with bonuses.
You can earn them for:
Getting a new loan;
Participation in promotions;
Attracting new customers and getting bonuses for every loan of the attracted customer;
Performing assignments in your personal account;